All is Useless

I read today on the first two chapters of the book of Ecclesiastes and I’m led to share on Chapter 1:14. “I have seen everything done in this world, and I tell you it is all USELESS”.

These are words of a Philosopher- King who seems not to find anything reasonable and fruitful here on our earth. Friends in the Lord, Everything we can ever do in our world today amounts to nothing. Just nothing! It’s that boring.

Even with the most normal things. Say food. No matter how much food you eat after feeling so hungry, it amounts to nothing! You get hungry again, and will have to eventually eat again.

No matter how much “fun” you have in whatever way, it amounts to nothing! You’ll at a point get tired, rest and then probably go back to it till you still get tired again. And the cycle continues!!!

But brethren do ask yourself this: Of what use will it be, if for some reason all the fast we endure…. and all the all- night services we take part in also amounts to nothing! Just because we missed the point of knowing Christ Personally.

Of what essence will it be if we end up perishing in an eternal doom with others whomever we all have condemned to be in “full time” ministry with the evil one??

Just so we know, “Heaven will spit you out if you’re lukewarm!”

#Seek salvation. #Walk your talk

Written by Lily K. O. Tetteh

Prayer (All is Useless)

Father, in our quest to make life better for ourselves here on earth, help us not to forget Your commands and decrees as whatever is on earth is only for a short time, but Your word is living and active and the source of salvation. Help us and strengthen us to serve You better in our journey on earth. Amen

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