Learning our Father’s Business

What would be your reaction if your child went missing and you found him three days later, debating with priests? You can only imagine what Joseph and Mary went through in such a situation as we reflect on Luke 2:41-51. Some choose to call it the episode of the finding in the Temple or Jesus getting lost in Jerusalem; but no matter the title we give to this episode, that which remains central is that Jesus asserts His special relationship with His Father. Continue reading

The Heart of Man

One of the basic needs of mankind is food which has also become a sign of communion. Hence, there are such things like communion sacrifices or ritual food. Many religions have dietary laws in which some type of food are forbidden and would render a practitioner of a particular religion ritually unclean. This was the context of the discussion about food in Mark 7:14-23. Continue reading

Run The Race With Christ Jesus

We are told that running as a form of exercise can be very refreshing and good for our well-being, and that is true from my experience. But you know, competitive running as in a race can be quite exhausting as we push our bodies and stamina to try to win the race. In a race, one has to be very focused in trying to catch up with the one in the lead, or if you are in the lead then you must maintain your position. Continue reading