God Sent You

Are you in a place you wish you had never been? Do you feel betrayed or face ant difficulty where a “plan b” would have just been perfect? Well according to you a “plan b” would have been perfect, a plan b would have saved the situation. But have you ever stopped to consider what thought of before that situation befell you? Have you ever stopped to think that this could be part of a bigger plan? Something that your mind cannot fathom? Well yes, that was the case for Joseph.

The story of Joseph begun when he started having his dreams. Dreams that showed his future. Dreams that clearly made him know how his future years will turn out. But did he know what will happen to the days ahead leading to those dreams? You guessed right, no he didn’t. His situation or case is not different from ours. We have big plans, big dreams that we see ourselves having. But then our current situation doesn’t seem those dreams could be realized.

God’s plans are different from ours. His ways and thoughts are high above anything we can fathom. Whatever situation you are in right now is a path or route set in place by God to your designated destination. The times are tough, nothing seems to work for you, your finances are dwindling, your health is bad, and you’ve just lost a relationship or a loved one. God is saying all is not lost. Your Father is telling you to take courage, have faith in Him, believe into the dreams He has placed in your heart. All He wants you to do for Him is for you to dream it, that is your job, dream it and believe in Him to bring it to pass and your shall reap the fruit of the faith that you have sowed.

Like Joseph, don’t lose faith, don’t fall into the traps of the devil when you think He has abandoned you. The future has already been designed and destined for you. He loves you and wants the best for you. That’s why He knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. He has already finished His work on you before He formed you. Have faith and worship Him diligently. God sent you before them to preserve life.

Gen 44:18-21, 23-29; 45:1-5

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