Holy Words

You are a treasure I’ve found
Buried in ancient chapters and pages
Your words hold me spellbound
Your promises withstand the ages

My heart clings to your assurances
And rebukes that lovingly prunes
I can’t imagine the many instances
Unruly ways could have led me to ruins

You are a constant self-renewal of the old
Against Father Time’s fatal insistence
Your value far exceeds all the fields of gold
You inspired all things into existence

You are an endearing text of mysteries
A labyrinth with gems hid at every turn
You reveal to me the depths of your beauty
And kindle in me a love that forever burns

You quench thirsts than any waters
You are fierier than the dragon’s breath
You give essence to all life matters
You form the foundations of this very earth

You are a star that shines at my feet
A presence that unveils the shroud
You are a crossroad where the lost meet
The sun risen from behind stormy clouds

You are the truth that lights my way
You are sweet honey in a burning crucible
You are the power that keeps death at bay
You are God’s breath in me, the Holy Bible.

Written by Albert Owusu-Konadu

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